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Atriuum Mobile Apps 

The following are free mobile apps available for Atriuum


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Librista mobile app for Atriuum delivers a blend of searching power, personal account management, and connectivity with your library and community events.  Instantly connect to and search any library that uses Atriuum as their Integrated Library System.

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Librista CheckIt

(Patron Self-Checkout App)

Librista CheckIt is a mobile app for Atriuum that allows patrons to borrow items from the library using their iOS or Android devices. Helps promote social distancing and limiting contact while enriching your patron's experience.

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(Note: Requires your lending library to purchase a license)




Atriuum on the Go

This mobile app gives your patrons instant access to search the library catalog from their favorite mobile device. Search for DVDs, CDs, and more. Access My Items to manage their account, bookbags, and more.

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Atriuum Mobile Interface

This mobile app is designed to work in conjunction with Atriuum and allows library staff members to perform basic library circulation transactions from their mobile device. Circulate items, pay/waive fines, check statuses, and more.

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Atriuum Inventory Resource

Use your mobile device to scan library items to an active inventory and mark those items seen. This new app allows you and your staff to work simultaneously in different sections of the library and perform multiple inventories.

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Booktracks Mobile Apps

The following are free mobile apps available for Booktracks

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Mobile Asset Tracking

Designed to work in conjunction with Booktracks, the Mobile Asset Tracking app allows Administrators and authorized staff to distribute and collect items on the fly from the classroom or a central location from their mobile devices.

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Asset Inventory Manager

This mobile app allows Administrators to quickly perform multiple inventories simultaneously in Booktracks. Easily inventory laptops, eReaders, textbooks, and other assets right from your mobile device.

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